When Can Someone get a Home Loan after Bankruptcy or Foreclosure?

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This is a question I am frequently asked.  The market is surging and employment in Colorado is improving. People who went through some financial difficulties in 2005 – 2010 are getting back on their feet and thinking that they would like to try to purchase a home.  One reason they are considering this is because rental prices have been rapidly increasing over the last 7 years and with the low interest rates people are probably paying more to rent than a mortgage payment would be for a similar property.  So here is a table outlining  what I am hearing from the lending industry.

Please note that chart is just a general guideline  and that there are other requirements that any buyer must meet including a minimum credit score, please contact your lender for more  detailed information and advice about your specific circumstances. If you don’t have a lender, I would be happy to recommend several knowledgeable and helpful lenders.